The review that might have made Sarah tear up (just a little):

“Sarah is an experienced nurse with business sense and a whole lot of drive! She was the wind beneath my wings when I didn't know where my nursing career was going (except down), and only five years in the workforce I found myself counting down the days to retirement. I was all over the place the first conversation we had, I wanted to travel, or go back to school, or just change careers altogether! It's safe to say I was on the 'hot mess express' headed towards nowhere when Sarah came into my life and brought confidence and tons of encouragement! She is an ultimate cheerleader of life and wants all her clients to love nursing as much as she does. Her love for nursing is truly contagious. We had several conversations over the phone while she was traveling to nursing conferences all over the country! Sarah is a champion of lifelong learning which makes her the best person for advice and direction. I now am loving my job, the hours and salary are great, and I am so happy I didn't switch careers - my love for nursing has returned and I couldn't have done it without Sarah! I can't say enough good things, I think she should charge more for her services!”

Allison, BSN, RN, CCRN - Career Coaching Client

Resume Services:

It can be super difficult to land a position in a new grad RN program, especially in the Bay Area! After months of unsuccessful applications and rejections, I reached out to Sarah and the New Thing Nurse team, and I’m so happy I did! Sarah was able to quickly transform my wordy resume into one that is concise, visually appealing, and highlights what I could uniquely offer to a hospital. With that new resume, I was able to land an interview and was eventually hired into a new grad program in the Bay Area!

I can’t say thank you enough to Sarah and can't wait to work with her again when it comes time for my next new thing.

Isabella, BSN, RN

I reached out to Sarah in hopes of revamping my resume in order to get a prn job & expand my horizons as a nurse with 2 years experience at the same hospital. I was a little nervous as that hospital job was the only nurse job on my resume. I shouldn’t have worried- Sarah delivered fantastically! Not only does my resume catch the eye and really highlights what I’ve got to offer, but she delivered in less time than we’d agreed on. She also did a great job crafting a cover letter for me which I hadn’t had before.

I received two job offers & feel confident submitting my resume anywhere now! 

If you’re looking for someone that  puts in the time to make your resume & cover letter stand out- you’ve found it!  Thanks again, Sarah!

Christy, BSN, RN

As a current nursing student the competition for patient care experience and health care experience in general is highly important in acquiring a job. Obtaining experience in the field allows for networking and practice of skills. I have several years of patient care experience, but was unsure how to professionally market myself in my resume. Sarah did a phenomenal job of being concise as well as giving my resume an edge. I love it! Thank you Sarah for your hard work and attention to detail. It looks amazing! I highly recommend nursing students to connect with Sarah New Thing Nurse. Sarah has the experience and connections to set you apart from your competition. When it comes down to who they will choose to hire, you want your resume to stand above and beyond. That is what New Thing Nurse can do for you!

Melissa, Nursing Student

There was no way I was going to do my own resume. Sorry, I had no idea what to do, whose template to follow, or how long this has to be. Step in Sarah, and that was all I needed. Well worth the money. Questions I did think were going to make its way on my resume, but there they were. Perfectly worded, and quickly executed. Don't stress yourself trying to do the work on your own. Just let her help you. Thank you so very much!

Carolina, BSN, RN

You did an Outstanding job on my resume!  I couldn't be happier… Thank you so very much for helping me "grow up professionally!"

Sue, MSN, RN

... In addition, Sarah has retooled my tired resume. She brought my varied job experiences into one document and created a seamless resume that highlights all of my great expediences in a tasteful and professional manner.

I highly recommend Sarah's services.

Michele, MSN, RN

Sarah is such a great resource! Resume writing can be so stressful but thanks to Sarah's expertise my worries went out the door! I sent her my old resume that needed some updates and fine tuning and a few days later i received two versions of an eye-catching resume. She is also very personable and takes the time to follow up on any questions or concerns. Highly recommend Sarah and her services to any nurse who is looking to get ahead in their career!

Ivonne, RN

My resume needed a much needed update, so I asked her what she could do. I emailed her my resume, and pertinent info, and she came back with my AMAZING resume! I am so appreciative she was able to help me, and make me look great on paper. Thank you Sarah!!! Thank you New Thing Nurse!

Amy, RCP

Thanks for the awesome help with my resume, cover letters and LinkedIN page. Your background as a nurse and talent to write and edit truly makes your resume services one of a kind! On top of that you were quick to respond to me and your turnaround time was exactly as promised if not quicker.

Lauren, New Graduate Nurse

It looks FANTASTIC!!! I love it and you will be getting a lot of referrals from me!

Dani, MSN, RN

Had my resume overhauled and am now so proud to apply for a new career! As an anticipated new nurse coming May 2019, I was very cautious about putting my name in the ring without a very professional resume, which is not my specialty! Sarah was so easy to work with, was so thorough and cared about what I was looking for to represent myself the best! I can't say enough. I will always come back to New Thing Nurse when I have changes or new endeavors I need help with!! Thanks again Sarah K. Wells! I can't tell you enough how great this service is!!

Lindsey, Nursing Student

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it very much.

Working with you has increased my confidence and eased this entire application process.


The New Thing Nurse team was able to help revamp my resume just when I needed it most! As a nurse with 10 years of experience and several job changes, my resume was getting long and awkward. The finished product is a cohesive, streamlined, and attractive version of what I had and something I'll be proud to submit to any future employer! I especially love the inclusion of the well-written professional summary at the beginning, it's not something I would've thought of on my own...

Anna, BSN, RN

Writing Services:

Reaching out to Anna (New Thing Nurse Chief of Writing Services) for help with an essay for submission to a class at my grad school was extremely rewarding. Anna's expert advice and guidance led to being awarded a clinical excellence award, which occurred due to her excellent editing, proofreading, and formatting advice! I am beyond grateful to you Anna for helping me achieve this wonderful award, and look forward to your guidance with future classes!

CJ, BSN, RN saved me. I was on the verge of panic attack and am so thankful... I never knew a service like this existed and I learned so much about how to use APA format and made it through my Capstone project because of your advice.

Melissa, MSN, RN

I just emailed her another paper to be transformed into an A+ paper. I wish I knew about her services SOONER!! Super fast turn around time.

Jessica, MSN, RN

Interview Coaching:

Not only is Sarah of New Thing Nurse fantastic at what she does professionally, she is also an amazing person that actually cares about you and your personal success. She gave me the confidence and skills to nail my interview and helped me get my dream job! I would recommend her over and over again.

Victoria, MSN, RN

Sarah is so easy and great to work with. She recreated my resume by extrapolating the most relevant information from my draft. Now my resume is concise and easy to read. Her interview coaching is also terrific. She is patient in identifying my strengths in order to develop a strong introduction and strategies to tackle my weaknesses.

Vivien, MSN, RN

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah both as a peer and as a coach. When I applied for a career move (to a nurse manager), I decided to enlist her assistance. I knew that she was thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable - but also knew that she was personable, engaging, and motivated. She was just the answer!

I chose to schedule one-on-one consulting with Sarah to work through interview preparation, and I DO NOT REGRET IT ONE BIT! Not only was I set up with confident answers that showed the depth of my knowledge base, but I had a game plan to use no matter what I walked into.

Unfortunately, I was only asked one or two of the questions we prepped. I had a moment of panic with each foreign question, but then I remembered. To take a deep breath... I was ready! For anything they sent my way! And as I used the {New Thing Nurse} tactics, I started getting nods and smiles that reminded me I was on the right interview path.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I would recommend Sarah with "New Thing Nurse" to anyone: Anyone who is interviewing for something that seems new. Anyone who thinks the job application process might be confusing. Anyone who needs to learn to vocalize their passion, experience, and goals. Anyone who thinks their resume could use a revamp. I can guarantee that you won't regret it one bit... And you'll enjoy the time you spend chatting with Sarah. Because she really cares. (which is one of the many reasons she makes such a great nurse).

Camille, BSN, RN

I cannot thank Sarah enough for doing a coaching session with me on such a short notice! After having failed my first interview, I asked her to help me prepare for my other interviews so that I wouldn't feel like a complete idiot undersilling myself. She did an amazing job building the content of my answers, going over the structure, changing my mindset, and simply rewiring my confidence and attitude. Today's interview was million times better! I think I made an impression because the director was kind enough to even give me the tour of the unit and arranged for the peer panel interview. I wish I got to know Sarah and her services a lot sooner! It would have saved me so much anxiety, fears, and insecurity. I hope your business, Sarah, thrives because what you are doing for us, nurses, is an enormous help in launching and advancing our careers. Thank you so much!


Sarah does 3 things exceptionally well with your interview prep. First, she really draws out your most relevant experiences related to nursing. Even experiences I thought I had already conveyed perfectly, she helped tweak them so that they were even better. Second, she goes out of her way to do mock interviews with you, in person or over the phone. After my second mock interview, it was clear that the impact of my responses were significantly improved. Last, she not only is your coach through the process, she is your friend! She takes the edge off by getting to know you outside of the job search, exemplifying her commitment to the whole you.

Cyrus, MSN, RN

Career Coaching:

I really appreciate everything you've done for me Sarah. I will definitely call upon your services again... I also have been letting others know about newnursething if someone else is trying to start something new with their nursing whether it's in state or outside. This is a wonderful service you're doing, and it gave me more confidence in something I've been crying about and stressed out over the last few months. I really truly appreciate it. I hope the next time I contact you, I'll be able to proudly say I accomplished getting a job in California. :)  

Skye, RN-to-BSN Student

...I also had the opportunity to have career coach session with Sarah and I can't express how contagious her positive energy is! I ended our call with tangible goals, a sense of direction, and an overall excitement to pursue my career dreams! Sarah took my scattered vision of what I wanted for myself and connected the dots between them and even gave me some ideas I hadn't thought about!

I would highly recommend either of these services from New Thing Nurse, they really go the extra mile to make sure to listen and ensure their customers are happy with the finished product! I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to them again in the future.

Anna, BSN, RN

Sarah has been instrumental in getting my career back on the right track. She helped me sort out my thoughts and put together a plan to move from a job I didn't like back into a job I do like, and she has given me resources to review to better enable me to identify future career moves more in line with what my passions are and where they will be best utilized...

Michele, MSN, RN

Business Services:

After meeting her for less than 10 minutes Sarah and our team hit it off. She gave exceptional feedback and consultation. Her understanding of our needs and execution was on point. She did a great job revising our website. Looking forward to her services in the future.

Taofiki, BSN, RN, Owner - Frontier Health & Resources

Sarah with New Thing Nurse was phenomenal! After using her services, I was able to streamline a vision of my new business ideas for The Nurse Tribe. She helped me outline clear, obtainable goals that really helped lay the foundation for the start of my business project. She was exceptionally motivating and helped me achieve the beginnings of a clear and inspiring objective. I cannot wait to work with her in the future!

Rachel, BSN, RN, Owner - The Nurse Tribe

Workshops & Lectures:

Sarah - I loved every second of your presentation so much!! … On the drive home my friend Laurie and I were talking about how yours was our favorite session today, … said, “I just really wanted to be her friend!” I couldn’t agree more.... thank you for being a friend to nursing, for speaking such truth in a way that was not only entertaining, but resonated with us all on so many levels. I’m a fan of yours, New Thing Nurse!!!

Sheila, MSN, RN, CEN, Lecture Attendee

Sarah and New Thing Nurse are fantastic! She helped orchestrate and teach for our ExpeditionEd Emergency Nursing Shorts in Mazatlan recently and it couldn't have been a more positive experience. Her responsiveness, attention to detail and general congenial attitude helped make our class a resounding success! I love working with New Thing Nurse and look forward to collaborating with Sarah on projects and classes in the future. If you're considering a New Thing, Sarah can definitely help you make it a success, all with a smile and plenty of charm. Definitely recommend her services.

Allison, MSN, RN, Owner @ ExpeditionEd

What can I say...Sarah Wells is a force of stimulation and excitement! She's got natural abilities at teaching, combined with a great personality. Her business is an innovative new way of meeting the challenges facing nurses today. She took the time to teach me some social media technology, and gave me great sound advise on my resume style. I look forward to working with her in the future and would feel very confident referring nurses her way.

Janet, MPH, RN - ExpeditionEd Program Participant

I appreciate the work you do for students and how engaging and empowering you are in every aspect, especially in such a challenging time such as being a new grad nurse! I love having you speak to our group and I know everyone benefited from you today.

Stephanie, BSN Student, Workshop Participant

I attended your presentation today and you were one of the most memorable of them all. What you spoke about resonated so strongly with me and has been on my mind since we left. When I worked on the ambulance and at my previous hospital, my nickname was “The Black Cloud.” Many times I would just laugh off the name, but from all the disturbing situations I have been in I know I have not dealt with it properly. To tie a couple of your points together, I don’t feel comfortable enough to always express myself to coworkers in fear of the older nurses looking down on the young and thinking I can’t handle it. Thank you for breaking the stigma of mental health in our profession. I hope someday as I grow as a nurse and a person that I can be as strong as you. You made a difference in my life today.

Rebecca, RN, Lecture Attendee

Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your new grad tips and advices! I definitely feel more at ease after learning from you...

Ashley, BSN Student, Workshop Participant

It was so great meeting you yesterday, Sarah! Thank you for all the tips — I am cringe smiling a little less 😬

Chelsea, BSN Student, Workshop Participant

It was so great meeting you and having you come speak to us! Thank you for all of the tips, advice, and motivation!

Breana, New Graduate RN, Workshop Participant

Sarah as an Educator:

I was lucky enough to have Sarah as my preceptor in a new graduate program in the Emergency Department... Four years later I'm still striving to be as excellent a nurse as Sarah. She's amazingly knowledgeable, skilled, empathetic, kind and a wonderful team player. She embodies what it means to be a nurse. Patients are blessed to have her and fellow staff are lucky to work with her.

Martina Gonsalves, BSN, RN - Precepted New Grad

I was lucky to be placed with Sarah for my clinical rotation. She is a knowledgeable, hard working, inspirational, and kind nurse. There is no one else I would feel more comfortable with caring for myself or family than her. Not only did she help me hone my patient care and assessments skills, but she also took the time to help me create an amazing resume. Her passion for her work and willingness to help others is truly impressive and inspiring. I would recommend everyone currently in or considering a career in healthcare to use Sarah for professional development and planning.

David, Paramedic

Sarah has been one of my best instructors for the 2 months I interned with her while going through medic school. She made learning a fun environment,but still challenging. She inspired and wanted me to learn. She was not the one to give you the answers to pass, but wanted me to actually learn. She has the ability to notice your weaknesses and will accommodate and figure out ways to better yourself. Sarah's enthusiastic personality makes learning fun without noticing you are actually learning.

I would recommend Sarah anytime, any day!

Alfred, Paramedic