Not only is Sarah of New Thing Nurse fantastic at what she does professionally, she is also an amazing person that actually cares about you and your personal success.
She gave me the confidence and skills to nail my interview and helped me get my dream job! I would recommend her over and over again.
— Victoria, MSN, RN

New Thing Nurse wants to help you succeed.

New Thing Nurse is organized to provide support and guidance to nurses looking to make a change in their life. Nurses have goals and dreams. New Thing Nurse wants to help you achieve all of yours.

Why New Thing Nurse?

Sarah K. Wells, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL is the founder and innovator at New Thing Nurse. Nurses have the skills and knowledge to create a professional experience that is both fulfilling and sustainable. Sarah is passionate about helping nurses of all ages, specialties and experience levels harness that power to accomplish their academic, professional and personal goals through supportive coaching and advisement. Sarah envisions a nurturing and collaborative nursing culture, one that extends beyond the healthcare setting for an enhanced professional and personal experience.

How can New Thing Nurse help me?

New Thing Nurse envisions a world of successful and fulfilled nurses! Whether you need help finding your dream job, getting into the perfect school, finally starting that business you’ve been dreaming about or making your passion project a reality, New Thing Nurse is here to help you realize your aspirations.


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Did you hear the big news?

New Thing Nurse and the Emergency Nurses Association have teamed up to provide more support to nursing students and new nurses who are interested in pursuing careers in the emergency department!

Repost from the ENA Instagram: πŸ“£ ENA has some exciting news! Whether you're a student nurse or a recent grad, ENA wants to support you during those important early steps of your nursing career. To do that, ENA has combined its resources and partnered with ENA member and popular career coach Sarah Wells!

Together with New Thing Nurse, ENA brings you career tips from an emergency nurse who has gone from student to the front line of an ED. #MakeItHappEN

Learn more about how ENA and New Thing Nurse can help you >>



Speaker. Educator. Writer.

New Thing Nurse wants to be at your next event!

Sarah K. Wells, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL is available for workshops, nursing conferences & conventions, educational events, speaking engagements, nursing school events, and outreach work. Sarah loves motivating nurses and nursing students from diverse organizations to re-energize their nursing practice through lectures and storytelling. Sarah can't wait to work with your group!

Read more about Sarah, her favorite speaking topics and see a list of her most recent engagements here.

Check out some photos from past New Thing Nurse events:


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I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah both as a peer and as a coach. When I applied for a career move (to a nurse manager), I decided to enlist her assistance. I knew that she was thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable - but also knew that she was personable, engaging, and motivated. She was just the answer!

... I would recommend Sarah with β€œNew Thing Nurse” to anyone: Anyone who is interviewing for something that seems new. Anyone who thinks the job application process might be confusing. Anyone who needs to learn to vocalize their passion, experience, and goals. Anyone who thinks their resume could use a revamp. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it one bit... And you’ll enjoy the time you spend chatting with Sarah. Because she really cares. (which is one of the many reasons she makes such a great nurse).
— Camille, BSN, RN